Mount Hua’s Auteur5 is a project composed by independent film maker team up together to accomplished their dreams by time sharing studio space to kick start their feature film project. They time share the studio from pre production meeting, script developing, audition, rehearsal, training, building sets, and production .

Silent Goodbye Now Available On Amazon and Distrify Media

In 1930, at aged16, the newlywed Young Amah's life is forever transformed when she met a mysterious man on a steamship traveling from Amoy City, China to the Philippines. They hid their feelings for the sake of loyalty and family until one day their passion sparked. 

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Silent Goodbye: In a tragic love triangle: Carmen and Mark hid their true feelings from each other for friendship, loyalty, and family; until one day their passion sparks a chain of events to occur that will lead them, and their loved ones down a path of life or death.

Silent Goodbye

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Nine Out of Ten is a sequel of Cherish.  It is a movie about seven young people's love stories and how each of their past, present, and the future overlapping each others. Choice they have to make in the most important time of their life, it will leap them to a new dimension of  life that are irreversible and unforgivable.   Risking everything to search for the true meaning of love.  

The Third Son of God

Star Wars: Paths to Rebellion is fan film set during the Great Jedi Purge era currently shooting in Big Bear, CA and Monterey Park, CA.

Thoughts Afar in Moonlight 望 月 懷 遠 

Star Wars: Paths of Rebellion

Nine Out of Ten


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A story about the lives of seven young people making their way in a big city. As their paths cross and social circles overlap, friendships and conflicts also emerge. Circumstances and choices leave them struggling to balance love, family duty, pride, morality, honor, dreams and sacrifices.

The Third Son of God is a coming of age 2005 Chinese drama story about a young boy, at his early age, being bombarded with bullies, from school to social bullying.  The boy later use the power of religious and propaganda to build his own army of gangs to rebels against the bullies for revenge, hatred, and justice.